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XP_MTL is an non-profit organization whose mission is to offer an event and festive programming, supported by a strong online presence and which aims to contribute Montreal downtown economy, particularly on Sainte-Catherine Street. Desiring to contribute to economic, cultural, social and tourist development as well as city-wide influence at the local, national and international levels, Groupe Sensation Mode designed the XP_MTL project.

The latter proposes to bet on the quality of the EXPERIENCE offered to people living, working, studying or having fun in the downtown core – consumers, workers, students, visitors and tourists – by deploying on a yearly basis a programming that will highlight the major lifestyle trends “fashion, design, music, beauty and shopping.”

 Groupe Sensation Mode


Groupe Sensation Mode has established itself as a creative laboratory where large-scale fashion events are conceived, produced and presented.

Well-known for its successful productions such as the Fashion & Design Festival and Montreal Fashion Week, Groupe Sensation Mode brings together emerging artists, established designers, retailers and personalities from the fashion, art and design industries. The Group has developed several innovative concepts, such as Fashion Theatre on stages in Berlin, Tokyo, New York and London, as well as the Fashion & Opera Runway Show in Los Angeles and now URBANI_T, an open air playground in Toronto.

Since its inception in 2000, Groupe Sensation Mode has provided a showcase for design creativity and talent, increased the array of events offered and set up impressive partnerships in the fashion capitals of Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. Groupe Sensation Mode is considered a fashion and design leader in North America.

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