4 August 2020 | By: Gestion XP_MTL


Come and enjoy our 5 relaxation HUBS located between LaSalle College and Square Phillips. These are the perfect places to take a shopping break, to cool down or eat your lunch! Their unusual and colorful layout will be the perfect backdrop for all your photos.


Presented by LaSalle College, this HUB is a creative space where you can follow the journey of an idea through stylized installations, mannequins and a bright 3D brain. The HUB lets you to discover LaSalle College and learn about its various programs.


In partnership with Concordia University, this space across from the university is a colorful, family-friendly relaxation area. A Montreal artist is showcased with a large mural, perfect for taking a breath in the midst of the frenzy of downtown.


In collaboration with Saint-Jax Center, XP_MTL offers an original fantasy space that will appeal to both children and adults. Scattered over the grounds of the church you can admire different animals with crazy colors! In front of this animal show, sit on the large bench with atypical shapes to take a rest while admiring the artificial fauna.


The green area is a real garden in the city where you can sit and breathe in some fresh air. It is located between Peel and Meltcafe streets on Sainte-Catherine. This true oasis in the city offers you relaxing structures to make your day downtown more pleasant.


Taking advantage of the natural beauty of Square Phillips, the terrace allows you to take a break to admire the site with an European vibe. There are rest tables, 360 degree benches as well as seats around the columns. Being located in the heart of downtown and close to several restaurants, the terrace is the perfect place to eat your lunch or your meal bought at the restaurant.



You can also go see our installations on Crescent!

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