6 July 2020 | By: Gestion XP_MTL

XP_MTL presents XP_PRO

XP_MTL presents XP_PRO, a webserie that highlights the challenges of influential and innovative economic leaders in downtown Montreal. XP_MTL offers you 6 interactive interviews led by the expert in the field, Mr. Jacques Nantel, who asks real questions for real answers. Have fun !

Guest of May 12 2020 : Marc De Serres

President of DeSerres Inc., discover this daring entrepreneur who explains the challenges of a company in the midst of a pandemic.

Guest of May 19th 2020 : Poches & Fils

Come and discover the evolution of sweaters with “funky” pockets with Anthony Vendrame & Camille Hamelin, the managers and creatives behind Poches & Fils !


Guest of May 26th 2020 : François Roberge

CEO of La Vie en Rose and Bikini Village, François Roberge will immerse you in the business world during this time of confinement.


Guest of June 9th 2020 : DIME

Now with a store on Saint-Laurent, Dime introduces the culture of Skateboarding to the global public with a marked journey of collaborations with big names such as DC Shoes and Vans of The Wall. Discover the young Co-Founder of the company, Antoine Asselin.


Guest of June 16th 2020 : Altitude Sports

Being a Canadian leader in terms of online sales, Altitude Sports offers a huge selection of products for an active lifestyle. Here’s your chance to learn more about this dynamic company and Co-President Maxime Dubois.


Guest of June 23rd 2020 : BBQ Québec

Jacques Nantel receives Maxime Lavoie, President of BBQ Quebec, to discuss his journey which has led his company to the head of the Quebec industry.

With now 5 branches and several points of sale across the country, BBQ Quebec allows Canadians to enjoy a BBQ experience all year round.

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XP_MTL presents XP_PRO